satsav2 117aThe search to live in consciousness and the question “who am I” brought me to the mystic Osho and his modern meditation techniques, to dance, movement and self-exploration workshops and last but not least to somatic bodywork. On the way it became clear that touch is my way to share my being. From feeling to being.

I played with Reiki, Core integration and Thai Yoga massage.
Questioning how the benefit of a session can be taken home by the reciever brought me to the book ” Movement as a way to Agelessness” about the “Psychophysical Integration method” of Milton Trager and his “Mentastic” movement education. Big names for simple but deep healing movements based on feeling weight. The experiences with the Trager Approach brought a new dimension in my bodywork. A deepening happens discovering a balance between doing and non-doing. Remembering not wanting to change but inviting restrictions: How can it be? Wat is softer, lighter, freer? Less is more! Trager is not a technique but again and again a discovery of what is possible in the moment.
Everyone from young to old can profit from the Trager Approach and what is particular about it is that the well-being experienced in a session can be sustained in daily life with the Mentastic movements and the recall.
The quality of feeling, listening, playfulness and openess together with my own experience in the ongoing journey of becoming one, is what I offer to you in my sessions and seminars.
It is again and again so touching to see the receivers move after a session , so light, so free in their own length, in their own grace!

Educational bodywork and meditation background

My great support and inspiration is Osho and his preciouss meditation techniques. Listening to his discourses is an opening for me to be present. This art of listening is a great support in my Trager work. Milton Trager is a great inspiration to me in bringing the same qualities of silence, presence and acceptance through touch.

Trager® Practitioner and Tutor

Core integration bodywork Practitioner
Thai Yoga massage
Hotstone massage
Reiki Master
Tarot counseling
Facilitator Osho active meditations
Facilitator Osho meditation therapies

Facilitator Osho Meditationproces: Reminding yourself of the forgotten Language of talking to your Body/mind

Trauma healing

Body Mind Centering

Anatomy in movement

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